Laine is a world-traveling storyteller with a passion for piercing themes and exciting adventures. To her, Furiousa's one-word motivation of "redemption" says it all. A published writer, Laine is currently developing a children's adventure novel about the kidnap of a family of brilliant scientists and their escape toward a utopic future society. Think big. She has written five books of different genres, including adult nonfiction. Her background includes acting, writing and directing: an MA in journalism from the University of Missouri, a two-year diploma in acting and directing from Mark Weil's Ilkhom Theater School of Drama and a BA in acting from the University of Washington. She also speaks Russian. She has performed on stages in Seattle and New York. She has taught acting lessons in Wash., New York and Uzbekistan. She passionately loves diverse communities, including the Arabic speaking immigrant community with whom she used to teach English in Brooklyn. Her launch into film began with writing and directing the short film Trust (2014), a modern retelling of the Mary and Joseph love story, played by diverse heroes. Laine co-founded Moriah Pictures in 2016 with her husband, Nathaniel Soria. Together they directed and produced several short films, including the festival-touring Ghoul Station (2018). 

Director / Producer / Co-Owner




Nathaniel built a video production department for an ed-tech firm in Brooklyn, NY. There he honed his leadership skills managing the production of 200+ videos a year, helping grow the company from 5 people to 50+ in 3 years. Before that he freelanced with clients like Grammy Award winning Brooklyn Tabernacle, Maybelline, T2 + Back Alley Films, Stink Digital and Ghost Robot. He's volunteered with organizations like Children’s Aid Society, Hope for New York, Safe Families and the Brooklyn Arab-American Friendship Center. Earlier in his career he created a popular art collective in Kansas City called The Emerald Space / Botnet where he curated art shows, produced rock shows and fashion shows. While there he produced and directed music videos for the ACB's, Be/Non & LeetStreet Boys. He has a BFA from Ringling College of Art: Illustration Major, Photography Minor. He is currently writing feature scripts and looking for like minds and talented individuals to partner with for Moriah Pictures.

Director / Producer / Co-Owner