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GHOUL TV - Table Read Plus

Ghoul TV is a horror adventure comedy series about young beautiful outcasts trying to broadcast supernatural encounters-- but they end up encountering a world much larger than a ghosts haunting. Government watchdogs, demonic hackers, and historic priestesses will force "Team Ghoul Punchers" to decide: will they abandon their calling or become a force for good against a virus-like evil haunting the world?

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This pilot episode table read was built from a virtual workshop with actors in May of 2021. Utilizing Zoom footage and minor special effects the table read embodies the ultimate style of Ghoul TV: Paranormal Activity meets Ghostbusters meets Vagrant Queen.

Written, Directed and Edited by Nathaniel S Soria
Story by Laine & Nathaniel Soria

DARLA ... Isabela Zavala
ALEX ... Nathan M Ramsey
CANDI ... Ariah Kirn Saeed

Concept Art by Charles David Werner
Special Effects by Kenez Vetesi-Szabados