Now hiring for

Ghoul station

a short horror FILM

Filming September/October 2018

Moriah Pictures, LLC, is a newly planted entertainment company owned and operated by the filmmaker duo, Nathaniel & Lainie Soria. Nathaniel is from Brooklyn, NY, and has directed hundreds of music videos, including managing production at Flocabulary (Ed-Tech Hip-Hop). He is now focused on feature films and video game production. Laine is a local artist who recently moved back after training at a revolutionary acting school in Uzbekestan (Ilkholm), later receiving her masters in journalism at University of Missouri and then performing and creating in New York City. She is currently focused on filmmaking and writing.


Our goal is to create gripping family entertainment with strong diverse characters that represent our colorful world. In the immediate we are seeking a diverse team for a low budget horror short about an unlikely trio of ghost hunters. We’re looking to film in September. Are you interested? Then we’d love to connect.


The roles are listed below. We currently cannot pay the actors, but will be catering food and drink on the film days and rehearsals. If interested, please email moriahpictures at gmail dot com with “Ghoul Station - [role name]” in the email subject line-- attach any headshots and/or sample videos of yourself.


We’re looking for a 40 to 50 something y/o male with some acting experience. He can be latino/caucasian/african-american. Unique facial hair and lengthy hair is a plus. Balding is okay. Strong physique but he can have a bit of a beer gut. Slim is a rough-around-the-edges guy who works at a gas station. He likes southern rock, smoking cigarettes and drinking Rainer, and only Rainer.


We’re looking for a 20 something y/o male with some acting experience. He’s lainto/african-american. Tall, lanky, and can play a college nerd. A plus if he has a unique look that’s mixed with a little bit of cool. Alex is a young college student who works at the local library. He’s generally an introvert and loves to research but when he gets excited about a subject can rattle on like no one else.


We’re looking for a 20 to 30 something y/o female with some acting experience. She’s latina or mixed. Slightly curvy and can play a punk with multi-colored hair. Darla is a local scenester all about the music scene. She’s a well spoken and strong woman who doesn’t scare easy. She likes to dance to funk and disco, but prefers rocking out to punk music when cruising around town. She speaks a little spanish and grew up in a latino family.


We’re looking for a 30 to 40 something y/o female with little to no acting experience. She’s caucasian with short black hair and a somewhat goth look/vibe. Sybil has a short role in the story and plays as a mysterious background character who lurks over the trouble.


We’re looking for a 20 to 40 something y/o female with little to no acting experience. She’s caucasian with long blonde/white hair and can play devious with a sinister smile. She’s got an attractive look, which we’ll use, but transform when in haunting mode. The “Ghoul” is a ghost creature that haunts the main characters. She has some lines, but does a lot of yelling, howling, and chasing. This part will be partly filmed on set, along with being filmed over green screen.


The crew needs are listed below. We currently can only pay for some members, but all will have access to catering throughout production. If interested, please email moriahpictures at gmail dot com with “Ghoul Station - [crew title]” in the email subject line-- attach any samples.

Director of Photography

(Paid - Low)

You’re a skilled DP with experience in or willingness to explore with green screen and SFX/VFX. You want to connect with an up-and-coming filmmaking company with a passion for diverse representation in the cast and crew, unique storytelling, and fun entertainment. You have a great eye for moody lighting and a nice balance between smooth and rocky camera movements in your portfolio. You’re ready to connect with the Directors at the beginning of the project and are willing to work through storyboards together in order to come fully prepared on the film day. If you have your own camera and equipment that’s a plus and we can negotiate more compensation for using it. You love the visuals of pictures like Stranger Things and Goonies.



(Paid - Low)

You’re seasoned or new to this role. You’re good at multitasking and management. You’re a problem solver. You keep the team on a steady timeline and maintain a work environment that’s calm and enjoyable. You’re a team player and are ready to jump in alongside the Directors/Producers in establishing the budget, managing the location, hunting for talent, and creating due-dates and timelines. You love spreadsheets and communicating clearly.

Assistant Director / Assistant Producer / Line Producer


You’re new to this role and have an interest in filmmaking. You enjoy lending a helpful hand to a team while taking and sharing direction quickly. You like to keep an eye on the clock, making sure things are on time. You’re able to drive and run for quick errands before and during production. You love to communicate and are ready to get on the phone with other players in the team if need be. You’re ready to be the right hand man/woman to the Directors/Producers.

Art Director


You’re new or seasoned to this role. You may have had experience working on stage productions and want to transition to film. You love exploring thrift stores and finding unique solutions to design problems. You’re a hand-on type of worker, ready to paint, dust-up, or dirty items to make them more life-like. You’re also willing to keep in the budget and keep an open dialogue about purchases with Producer-Director team. You love unique styles and throw-back fashions.


Hair & Make-Up Artist


You’re new or seasoned to this role. You love exploring hairstyles and messing around with makeup. Halloween is your favorite holiday, and you have a unique and dark collection of makeup designs you’ve done for it. You really enjoy throwback hairstyles from the 80s and 90s and know how to rock that hairspray look. You’re on time, hardworking, a team player, and willing to take direction while exploring unique ideas of your own. You enjoy the design styles of movies like Blade Runner.


Costume Designer


You’re new or seasoned to this role. You’re all about thrift store shopping and have a keen eye for finding those fashions that pop in the aisles. You love looking at other people’s unique styles and document them, be it on pinterest or wherever. You have a portfolio ready to show, even though it might just be your instagram or dressing closet, it shows a unique collections of styles. You’re familiar with the 80s and 90s looks and think they’re still (mostly) cool.


Sound MIxer - Boom Operator

(Paid - Low)

You’re seasoned to this role or sound design in general. You have a great ear for sound and can tell the difference between an mp3 and a lossless file. When listening your ear can pick up all the details, so you’re ready to notice if the mic captures a car or airplane passing by while we’re rolling. You’re ready to do whatever it takes to keep that sound recording crisp during filming, even if it means walking next door and asking the neighbors politely to stop hammering on the nearby wall. If you have your own equipment we can negotiate higher payment.


Gaffers - Lighting Technicians


You’re seasoned or new to this role. You have an understanding of electronics, wattage and voltage. You can do some minor heavy lifting and are ready to take direction from the DP. You’re a problem solver and like toying with unique ways to light a room. Your favorite part of Lowes/Home Depot is the lighting aisle. If you have your own equipment we can negotiate higher payment.


Health & Safety Advisor


You’re seasoned or new to this role. You may have been a lifeguard at a community center and have always been quick to notice an accident before it happens. When you step into a room you understand where the emergency exits might be or how you might direct the masses if there just happened to be a fire. You’re cool, calm, and collected. A clear communicator. You’re ready to work throughout pre-production to plan for any accidents or emergencies that might happen.

Production Assistant


You’re seasoned or new to this role. You’re ready to help fill in the gaps on a production, whether it be running out to get coffee for the team, or making sure there’s enough water on set, you’re ready to lend a working hand. You have a great desire to partake in filmmaking and take direction well. You’re ready to soak in the experience and do some problem solving when needs be. Although you might not be working the entire time of filming, you’re always ready and keeping an eye out for what needs to be done.