221B is an app that will combine reading with watching films and other interactive experiences on your phone. It's the next reading experience!     

Centered around Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's first Sherlock novel, A Study in Scarlet, the book-app will allow readers to watch filmed segments, hear audio sound effects, view V.R. and A.R. crime scenes, and play games as they read. It will be a thrilling experience that encourages reading for many ages and levels of experience.     

What’s more, the books will star a diverse cast with minorities playing lead roles– a core mission of our company.   ​

The story doesn’t stop there. 221B is the first of our project Nexbooks™. We hope to design and commission many more classics told similarly to engage a modern, tech-savvy, multicultural world.

Unfortunately the Kickstarter campaign did not succeed. We are currently pursuing other projects but will revisit this one again. Check out the Kickstarter video if you want to see our pitch.


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Director & Producer at Moriah Pictures

"In Moriah Pictures my desire is to bring all races together. It’s painting a picture of the future where diversity is natural. Right now that’s the hard work of a lot of us..."


Director & Producer at Moriah Pictures

"When I was a kid we read Sherlock as a family, and I’d probably read half a dozen stories before I finally figured one out before Sherlock... That’s (an experience) I would love for other people to have..."


Writer, Co-host of Theater Geeks Anonymous & advocate for our Sherlock

"I just look forward to more producers and more directors allowing all minorities to play various different roles so that we all can be seen, we all can be known, and we all can be heard..."

EBONY (pt 2)

Writer, Co-host of Theater Geeks Anonymous & advocate for our Sherlock

"It's important for us as creatives to make sure that all the stories are told... We need to make sure that we have a well rounded balance, so (the next generation) is able to say, 'Look at all these amazing things that are also in our ancestry..."