"We are the music makers,

We are the dreamers of dreams..."

Ghoul Station

Short Horror Film

October 2018

A shopping clerk's quick store gets hexed by a spurned lover and things get ugly. In order to face his demon he'll need the help of his courageous niece and her librarian friend. Will they survive? IMDb

An Official Bleedingham Film Festival Selection & currently circulating to other festivals.

good samaritaN

Video Game


Working title, Good Samaritan, is an ambient slow-paced game about two travelers surviving a journey together along a path in the Pacific Northwest. 

Sherlock BTS - 1.jpg

The man who gets really mad about cheese

YouTube Video

December 2017

A comedic video created as an ode to Jodie Whittaker's new role as the Doctor from Doctor Who. Created from a hilarious soundbite of The Weekly Planet Podcast (episode 195) we explore the reluctancy of certain fan's acceptance of the heroine version in a cheesy story.

Sherlock BTS - 1.jpg

horror adventure 


Feature Film


We are currently moving into pre-production for a full-feature family friendly horror adventure taking place in a haunted house. If you're interested for more information, please reach out.


Kickstarter for Mobile App

Summer 2017

Unfortunately we didn't achieve the Kickstarter funding goal. 


A film-reading-game fusion apps for iOS and Android, 221B, brings diverse new faces to an old story. With humor and style, the half-Indian Sherlock and British African Watson learn the secrets of who killed Enoch Drebber, as well as how to keep up a healthy roommate relationship.

Sherlock BTS - 1.jpg


YouTube Video

October 2016

Short Online Horror: When Julia clicks through the “terms and agreements” for a new app, she unwittingly signs over her shames, and only a nightmarish bondage will keep them inside the black box.


White Samurai

Film/TV Series


In a broken future, an obsessed bounty huntress sacrifices all to capture a rogue Samurai who took her arm. But when she does, her desire for revenge is challenged by the revelation of his mission.